Pressure Transducers and Transmitters for Industry
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Pressure transducer Pressure transducer
Custom Sensor Design pressure transducers are designed and manufactured to operate at temperatures from -100 to +500 °F
 with standard pressure ranges to 60,000 PSI.  Higher ranges are available; contact us for more information.
Pressure transducer Miniature pressure transducer Pressure Transducer
Our pressure transducers are well suited to industries that demand high accuracy and reliable performance.  Models include absolute, gage, and differential.
Pressure transducer Pressure Transducer
Electrical interfaces are adapted to your needs.  Options include multi-conductor flying leads, hermetically sealed headers, connector receptacles and plugs.
Custom pressure transducers
High temperature pressure transducer
An inventory of specialty alloys is maintained to minimize turnaround time on your orders.

Our pressure transducers support both new and existing applications.

All products include a certificate of calibration.  Calibration services  are driven by your requirements and can include linearity, hysteresis, repeatablity, thermal effects, differential common mode, vibration, shock and hydrostatic testing.  We provide either 2nd or 3rd order polynominal corrections resulting in total errors of less than .05% of full scale.

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